Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Santol is good source of vitamin C. Ginataang santol is a very simple dish and easy to prepare.

9 pieces santol pulp, peeled, seeded, and diced (300g)
1 ½ cup water (360ml)
1 cup coconut cream (gata) 240ml
1 picece siling pansigang, sliced diagonally (8g)
1 pouch gisa mix
Siling labuyo for garnish

Soak the santol in water to prevent darkening. Set aside.

Combine water and ½ cup gata in a casserole or a pan. Bring to a boil in constant stirring.

Drain the santol and squeeze out the water, then add santol.

Add the sili and gisa mix. Cook over low heat with constant stirring until thick.

Add the remaining gata and cook for a minute. (don’t overcook to avoid curdling the sauce).

Serve hot immediately.

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