Thursday, January 31, 2013


 slice beef
 soy sauce
 chicken powder
 cooking oil

1. Wash the broccoli for 3 times.Soaked w/ water and salt.
2. Marinate the slice beef w/ soy sauce,corn starch,sugar,and small amount of cooking oil.
3. Cut the garlic into minced.
4. Prepare the non stick frying pan.
5. After marinating the beef for half  and hour,and the broccoli is ready, now its time to cook.
6. Heat a pan with medium fire.
7. Put a small amount of cooking oil.
8. Put the minced garlic and  stir  for just a  second.
9. Put the slice beef and cooked until tender.
10. Removed the sliced beef in the pan and put in the plate for a while.
11. After that stir fry the broccoli until half cooked.Add a little bit water to cook the vegetable.
12. Add some salt and chicken powder.
13. Stir fry and put back the sliced beef.
14. Stir for a second.And ready to serve.